Enrolling in SDGA was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I was unbelievably exhausted working in hospitality and needed a change in careers. In a quick time I went from having no experience with dogs to being able to be hired as a full time groomer in a salon before my graduation day! The teachers there are so experienced and extremely patient and encouraging with us students. On almost a weekly basis, I still contact the school for questions and any kind of help I need. I feel as though I was really welcomed into a family that enjoys watching me succeed and is always rooting for me.
Grooming techniques is just one of the few focuses of the school. I learned how to be a desirable employee during my time there. It has only been 4 months since I have graduated from SDGA and I have already received a raise in my pay and become an assistant manager at my work place. Since I have become a groomer, I do not dread waking up and going to work. It’s so much easier for me to go to work now that I have found something that I love and enjoy to do!

Kim H.


We did our homework in helping our daughter find the best grooming academy in Southern Cali and let me tell you SD Grooming Academy is It! They truly care for their students and are patient in assuring their students learn all the proper fundamentals of bathing and grooming. They are very welcoming and humble people. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you Mike, Amy and Sara for for being awesome!!

Betty L.


One thing you can be sure about attending this school –   it will be hands on from day one! They have a great flow of customers who bring their dogs on weekly basis, so you will always have a furry friend to practice your skills on!
The new owner Myke Ross, (who btw owns one of the most popular grooming salons in San Diego ” Absolute Pawfection”) made dramatic improvements since he took over! He is a person of high integrity, outstanding grooming skills and simply a wonderful human being! Also you will fall in love with your teachers – two beautiful twin sisters Ashleigh and Amy, they are the sweetest!

For the dog owners considering to bring their beloved pets here for a groom. I have to say that I am a HUGE dog lover and I have zero tolerance towards animal abuse. I have been coming to the Grooming Academy for almost 2 months and NEVER witnessed any sort of misstreatment towards dogs! Love love love and northing but love! 🙂
So I.d like to thank all the wonderful people who work and teach at the San Diego Grooming Academy! I hope we will always stay in touch.

Elsa G.


I graduated from San Diego grooming Academy and now work at a local groom shop. The staff is knowledgeable and supportive the environment is safe and they practice gentle grooming techniques. The school has been upgraded with all new tools of the trade for the students. I appreciate the groom shop they have a variety of scissors and all the essential needs for the groomer. I recommend San Diego grooming to anybody who’s interested in a career in grooming they’re the best in San Diego

L. G.


I love going to school here. Ashley makes the breed recognition class fun, she always has something witty to say. Her twin sister and fellow instructor is very patient and kind. Amy has a superb knowledge of products that will work for regrowing fur on damaged skin of you pet. The new owner Mike is a great groomer and leader. He expects your best and is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the area. Don’t hesitate to bring your dogs in this is a top notch establishment with a top notch staff.

JennaGail B.


They have excellent seminars and continued education. I’ve been grooming 3 yrs now and have learned a bunch of new things just from one seminar. I will definitely be attending more in the future. Continued education is important and I’m glad I have somewhere close by that offers it.

Alexis F.


Having made the decision to get into the pet grooming industry, I still had no idea how I was going to go about it. Enrolling at San Diego grooming academy was the best decision I could’ve made for that path. From the environment to the curriculum to the experience staff and the first class facilities they have available, they gave me everything I needed and more. Director of education Myke Ross ensures that each students experience is catered to their personal goals, while also preparing you for a variety of grooming environments. For me the interest was my own mobile grooming business. As intimidating as that is for a first time business owner, San Diego grooming academy made it feel like just another thing I could totally accomplish. With personal business and salon courses and ever supportive staff, that constantly inquire and truly care about your path and success. It takes a new career choice from scary to exciting in one day. Even though I have already graduated, Myke Ross and the staff at San Diego grooming academy, continue to offer support and advice and make themselves available to all alumni. The school also host continued education seminars and industry related functions. A great way to stay relevant, educated and networked, in an ever evolving industry. I am proud to have graduated from San Diego grooming academy, and I would gladly recommend them to anybody even interested in the pet grooming industry. John Gonzalez Paw Street Pet Salon

John Gonzalez