Terrier Module

The Terrier

The Terrier examinations will include workbooks with an overview of those groups.  emphasizing on the parts of the breed standards and breed histories that may pertain to grooming that group of dogs, including recognition (size, color, coat, etc.), or temperament. You will be asked to identify these breeds as part of the written exam.  There will be a practical exam for each group and you will groom one dog before a Masters Certifier.
Practical tests include the preparation of the dog’s coat, scissor techniques, clipper techniques, thinning shear techniques, carding and hand-stripping techniques, finishing techniques and Handling techniques of the dog. Each module includes an evaluation of a dog you groom prior to taking your practical test.
Upon passing these examinations, and achieving the International Model of Pet Grooming Distinction you will be awarded a certificate as an International Certified Master Groomer… ICMG, and you may use the letters following your name and in all advertising.
GROWTH AS A GROOMER.  Masters practical tests are taken with an IPG Certifier. Certification should be an excellent opportunity for you to grow as a groomer by learning new techniques and another way to look at your work.
NOTE: In areas with limited availability of certifiers, you may petition to take some or all of these tests through video, based upon your location and experience.  If you are approved to submit video testing, you will still get a thorough evaluation and recommendations to improve your grooming and/or efficiency.  

Terrier Module $157

Resource Manual, workbook, Photo evaluation, written exam, practical exam. When successfully completed you earn a seal to add to your masters candidate certificate.

Buy all 5 modules together for $735 ($785 value)

Groomers may register by calling San Diego Grooming Academy 619-452-2366 or through IPG.