Track 3: Master Track ICMG

IPG Breed Profile Certification

Groomers must have earned the title CPG (Certified Professional Groomer) and APG (Advanced Professional Groomer) to prepare them to be successful in earning their Master’s certificate.*
IPG breed profile certification is for accomplished Professional Groomers who are proud to showcase their accomplishments.  It is obtained by completing a Written Masters’ Exam first. This exam covers breed standards, terminology, anatomy and more. Each following module includes a written and practical exam for endorsements in Non-Sporting Breeds, Sporting Breeds, Terrier Breeds, and  Mixed breed or Other Accepted breeds, to earn to coveted title of International Certified Master Groomer and the right to use the letters ICMG following your name when you maintain your IPG membership in good standing and follow the IPG Code of Ethics.
The Masters Exam should be taken first (As of 1/1/17, this will prepare you for subsequent exams).  All testing must be completed within 5 years, or early tests may need to be retaken.  You will receive an endorsement  upon completion of any one phase (Non-Sporting, Sporting, Terrier, or Other Breed)

Study Materials

Track 3: Masters Certification resource manual and workbooks contain information to prepare groomers for the Masters Exam and Breed Profile testing.  Breed visualizations of commonly groomed breeds, anatomy and terminology are contained in the Track 3: Masters Certification Resource Manuals.  Breed identification pictures are those found on the AKC  Breed Identification Guide or Sam Kohl’s book The Complete Guide to Dog Grooming.  For the AKC pictures, you may also visit the AKC web site at  
All IPG-US Breed Profile testing is based on the breeds as defined by their standard of excellence in The Complete Dog Book, 20 Edition, Official publication of the American Kennel Club, published by Ballantine Books, NY, 2006. Canada, tests are based upon the newest version of the Canadian Kennel Club Dog Book (, and in the IPG-UK, Australia, and Latin America  tests are based upon the Kennel Club Illustrated Breed Standards, 4th edition.  Groomers may choose to use their country’s tests or the American tests. *Note:  the AKC Complete Dog Book standards are very complete and will serve as an excellent grooming reference for all groomers!
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